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Resident Component


  • Encourage resident interest in obstetric anesthesia and to encourage continued membership in residency and after graduation.
  • Inform residents of the purpose of SOAP in promoting research and education in obstetric anesthesia.
  • To participate in resident education regarding the practice and current issues of obstetric anesthesia.
  • To encourage residents to gain experience in organized medicine, thereby promoting their development as future leaders.

Resident Positions:

The Resident Affairs Committee leadership positions will consist of a President, President-Elect, and Secretary. The President-Elect position is a 2-year position – the first year as President-Elect assisting the President, and the second year as President. Residents in their CA-1, CA-2, or CA-3 year pursuing fellowship are encouraged to apply. The Secretary position is a 1 year committment.

Responsibilities of Offices:


  • Chairs the activities of the Resident Affairs Committee and attends the meetings of the section
  • Coordinates any speakers and topics for the resident’s meeting at the SOAP annual meeting


  • Assists the president in conducting the affairs of the Resident Affairs Committee and attends the annual SOAP and ASA meeting.
  • Assumes the position of president at the conclusion of one year of duty.


  • Is responsible for the minutes from the SOAP and ASA meeting
  • Coordinates SOAP resident website updates
  • Is responsible for periodic updates of SOAP resident members
  • Responsible for annual fellowship directory updates

Current Officers:


Katie Seligman, MD (Oregon Health & Science University)

Ali Ebrahimi, MD (Beth Israel)


Cesar Padilla, MD (Cedars Sinai Medical Center)


Brad Bavaro, MD (Northwestern)

Selection of Officers:

Nominations will be solicited at the Resident Affairs Committee Meeting during the SOAP Annual Meeting. Bring copies of a Cover Letter and your CV. If more than one person is interested in a position, then each candidate will give a 5 minute speech. Elections will take place after all nominees are recognized. All responsibilities will begin at the close of the SOAP annual meeting.

Questions about the positions or the election process can be addressed to Katie Seligman at Seligmak@stanford.edu and Ali Ebrahimi at aebrahim@bidmc.harvard.edu.

Membership information:

Membership in the SOAP Resident Affairs Committee is open to all resident members of the Society at no additional cost.

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