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Beyond Bed Rest: Mattress Suture as Treatment for PDPH

Abstract Number: S5D-3
Abstract Type: Case Report/Case Series

Huma Khan B.E.,D.O.1 ; Raveh Yheuda M.D.2; Selina Patel M.D.3; Zahira Zahid M.D.4

A 28 year-old G2P2 s/p Cesarean section underwent an unintentional wet tap during placement of a combined spinal-epidural catheter. On the second postoperative day, she complained of a headache with visual disturbances. There was evidence of clear liquid oozing from the epidural puncture site. Per neurosurgery recommendations, a mattress suture was secured at the epidural puncture site and leakage had ceased, thus alleviating the patient’s neurological symptoms. Although treatments for postdural puncture headaches following neurosurgery and lumbar drains are documented, there is scarce literature exploring superficial sutures as the treatment of postdural puncture headaches in the obstetric population.

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