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Effects of Storage-aged Blood Transfusion on Liver and Renal Function in the peri-delivery period

Abstract Number: S4B-6
Abstract Type: Original Research

Jin Zhang MD1 ; Jin Zhang MD2; Qinying Cao MD3; Kun He MD4; Hong Xu MD5; Zhiyi Zuo MD,PHD6

Background There is a growing interest in the blood transfusion safety and the storage lesions in the past 30 years [1,2].It has been identified in some studies that transfusion of RBC stored for > 14 days can increase pulmonary complications, kidney failure, multi-organ failure, death and the length of hospital stay [2,3].However,the effects of RBC age on liver and kidney function has not been determined in pregnancy transfusion recipients.

Methods We reviewed all patients who was accepted RBC transfusion during labor from 2014 to 2017 in Shi-jia Zhuang Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital.There were 123 women who received RBC and had liver and renal function tests in both antepartum and postpartum.We classified the patients according to the Stored days of RBC:Storage-aged RBC Group (> 21 days);Fresh RBC Group (< 14 days);Fresh and Aged RBC Group (both > 21 days and < 14 days). All data were analyzed by normality test.Rank sum test was used in the data that was skewed distribution. Quantitative data are expressed as median (inter-quartile range).All analyses were conducted using SPSS 20 statistical software for Windows.A probability value < 0.05 was considered statistically significant.

Results In Storage-aged RBC Group,ALT, AST and Uric Acid increased after RBC transfusion (P < 0.01),but TBA and CR reduced (P<0.01). In Fresh RBC group,AST and TBIL increased after RBC transfusion (P < 0.05) while TBA reduced (P < 0.05).In Fresh and Aged RBC Group,ALT and TBIL increased after RBC transfusion (P < 0.05) while TBA reduced (P < 0.05).However,there were no differences in the values of the three group (P>0.05).Conclusions RBC transfusion may injure liver function but not renal function during the peri-delivery period.Compared with fresh RBC transfusion and mixed RBC transfusion,storage-aged RBC transfusions didn’t increase the risk of liver and renal function injury in the pregnant women.

Key words:Storage lesion,red blood cells,liver function test,renal function test,skewed distribution.


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