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Thepainlesspush.com: Development of a bilingual patient education website about pain relief options in labor

Abstract Number: S1C-6
Abstract Type: Case Report/Case Series

Kylee R Greider BS Biochemistry 1 ; Lauren Faber BA2; Nicole Nesiba BS3; Katherine Seligman MD 4


The Painless Push (www.thepainlesspush.com) website was created to provide patients up-to-date, scientifically accurate information about pain relief options for labor and delivery.


Estimates report that 46% of New Mexico's population is functionally illiterate. These individuals may fail to identify a sales receipt total or information in an article. This makes providing patient educational material a challenge. 28.7% of the population of New Mexico reports Spanish as a primary language. Our goal was to provide scientifically accurate information to English and Spanish speaking patients as well as limited-literacy individuals.


Previous recommendations suggest patient education materials be written at a 6th grade level. Readability scores can be dramatically inflated by medical terminology. For example, "anesthesiologist" rates at 49, "epidural anesthesia" a 28, and "pain medicine" a 13.3 Substituting words to lower the reading level risks sacrificing scientific integrity. When analyzed with validated screening tools, www.thepainlesspush.com rated at a 10-12th grade level. To address this, narrations at a 6th grade level were added to the website. Furthermore, we designed the website based on previous research reporting how patients of different literacy levels read and digest web-based patient education materials. This includes utilizing meaningful headers, bullet points, lists, and white space/contrast and limiting paragraph size. Prominent multimedia elements were added, such as audio and informative graphics. The entire website, including text and audio narrations, was translated into Spanish and made available to address our Spanish speaking population.


Limited scientifically accurate information is available about pain relief options for labor and delivery. We developed an engaging, interactive online patient education website in English and Spanish to provide evidenced based information. Information presented in text and audio allows a broader patient population to understand the content.

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