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A prospective observational study to evaluate efficacy of simple questions to predict labor pain and epidural analgesia use in parturients

Abstract Number: F5B-5
Abstract Type: Original Research

Fatemah Qasem MBBCh, MD1 ; Fatemah Qasem MBBCh, MD2; Qutaiba Tawfic MD, FRCPC3; Abigayel Joschko MD4; Yamini Subramani MD5; Indu Singh MD, FRCPC6

Introduction: Epidural analgesia is commonly used to alleviate labor pain, but there is significant inter-patient variability in responses to labor pain and epidural analgesia .1,2. Pan et al. (2013) evaluated the efficacy of three simple questions about anxiety, expected pain, and expected analgesia requirements in predicting post-cesarean delivery (CD) pain.3 The responses from each of these pre-operative questions were useful in predicting post-CD pain. We hypothesized that these 3 questions would reliably predict labor pain and epidural analgesic use in parturients having induction of labor

Methods: The study was approved by our institution’s Research Ethics Board. Written consent was obtained from all patients participating in this study. A 3-question survey was given to term pregnant women coming for induction of labor Participants were asked to rate, using a 0-10 visual analog scale (VAS), their level of anxiety concerning labor and delivery as well as their anticipated pain. They were asked to rate their anticipated epidural analgesic need and satisfaction with epidural analgesia.

Results: 50 patients were recruited for this study. Analysis of 48 patients showed mean age of 31.23 years (±4/91) and mean weight 88.85 kg (±28.14).

Our results showed that Area Under the Curve (AUC) (VAS during labor) was significantly correlated with expectation of the amount of medication to be used during labour (rho=0.319. p<. 05) (figure 1). No other correlations were observed as significant.

Conclusion: Our study showed no correlation between simple three-item questionnaire and pain intensity or medication use during labor in parturients at term gestation having induction of labor.


1-Lowe, N. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 2000; 186: 160-172

2-Carvalho, B. British Journal of Anaesthesia 2012; 110 (4): 600-606

3-Pan, P. Anesthesiology 2013; 118: 1170-1179

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