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The Effective Effect-Site Propofol Concentration for Induction and Intubation for Schnider model in parturients

Abstract Number: T-35
Abstract Type: Original Research

Shen Sun MD1 ; Shen Sun MD2; Shao-qiang Huang MD,PHD3; Ting-Ting Wang MD4

Background To determine the target propofol Ce needed to provide adequate hypnosis for induction and tracheal intubation for Schnider model using total body weight (TBW) in parturients. Objectives 36 patients were allocated to 6 groups of predefined propofol target Ce for induction. Propofol was administered by the TCI device to achieve the predetermined target propofol Ce. The dose-response relation for propofol Ce was determined using probit analysis. An effective Ce, or success, was defined as the Ce that provided adequate hypnosis (BIS<60) within 45 seconds after reaching the predetermined Ce and until the Ce was reset to 2.5 µg.mL-1 after intubation.

Results For the Schnider model, the calculated ECe50 was 5.06 µg.mL-1 (95% CI: 4.68, 5.42 µg.mL-1), and the ECe95 was 5.86 µg.mL-1 (95% CI:5.46 , 7.69 µg.mL-1)

Conclusion In conclusion, given the inaccuracies of the PK models of propofol, particularly when used in parturients during induction, specific propofol Ce values determined with Schnider model must be used during this stage of anesthesia when using TBW.

[Key words] propofol;parturients;intubation;induction

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