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The Obstetric Anesthesiology Match: Feelings Behind the Numbers

Abstract Number: F-12
Abstract Type: Original Research

Jenny E Pennycuff MD, MS1 ; M. James Lozada DO2; Michelle Simon MD3; Rakesh Vadhera MBBS, FRCA, FFARCSI4

Introduction: The obstetric anesthesiology fellowship joined the NRMP’s Specialties Matching Service in 2015 and has matched two fellowship classes. Results are weaker than anticipated. We present a comparison of the first two years of match results in cardiothoracic anesthesia, pain medicine, and pediatric anesthesia fellowships with the obstetric anesthesia fellowship. An assessment of resident and fellow perceptions of the OB anesthesia fellowship is underway and will add context to the match data.

Results: The first obstetric anesthesia match included 25 applicants who applied for 48 available positions. Twenty-three applicants matched, leaving two applicants unmatched. The small applicant pool left unfilled positions at 61% of participating programs (2). The 2016 match included 29 applicants who applied for 43 positions. Twenty-six applicants matched, leaving three unmatched participants and unfilled positions at 58% of participating programs (1). We compared these results to the first two matching years in other anesthesiology specialty matches (See Chart 1). Cardiothoracic, pain and pediatric fellowships each enjoyed stronger initial matches demonstrated by larger applicant pools and a lower number of unfilled positions(1,3).

Discussion: The obstetric anesthesia fellowship match data demonstrates 0.5 and 0.7 applicants per position for the first and second match year respectively. The relatively limited applicant pool and high number of unfilled programs raises concerns about resident interest in obstetric anesthesiology. We aim to assess resident perceptions of the obstetric anesthesiology fellowship. An IRB exempt survey sent to all current U.S. anesthesiology residents and fellows seeks to assess barriers to entry into OB anesthesiology and potential areas for improvement. Survey results will be highlighted in presentation at SOAP annual meeting.


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