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Publication Rate of Research Abstracts Presented at SOAP (2010-2014)

Abstract Number: F-50
Abstract Type: Original Research

Brent Gerlach MD1 ; Anuj Shah BS2; Cynthia Wong MD3; John Sullivan MD, MBA4; Paloma Toledo MD, MPH5

Introduction: The SOAP annual meeting provides a forum to present new scientific work with the goal of broader dissemination of knowledge through peer review and publication. Publication rates for abstracts presented at biomedical meetings are estimated to be 44%.(1) The objective of this study was to evaluate the rate of SOAP annual meeting research abstracts that resulted in publication in peer-reviewed journals.

Methods: A list of research abstracts presented at SOAP from 2010 to 2014 was generated. The 2014 meeting was selected as the last year analyzed as the median time to publication for research is approximately 18 months [9 to 36 months].(1) A multi-tiered approach was used to identify publications. Searches were performed using PubMed’s Advanced Search Builder function ( in January 2016. Three searches were performed including all authors’ names using an “or” join and three separate keywords from the title. Verification of institution(s) was performed upon successful match. The primary outcome was the publication rate. The SOAP abstract to publication rate was compared to the rate of for other biomedical meetings using a one-tailed t-test.(1) Comparison of publication rate by year and type of research (clinical/basic science) was performed using a Chi-squared test.

Results: A total of 169 of 631 (26.8%) of research abstracts presented at the 2010-14 SOAP annual meetings were subsequently published. SOAP abstracts resulted in fewer peer-reviewed publications than abstracts presented at other biomedical meetings (P<0.0001). There was no difference in publication rate by year (P=0.38) (Table). Basic science abstracts were more likely to result in publication than clinical science abstracts (45.4% vs. 25.0%, P=0.001). The median time to publication was 17 months (IQR: 10 to 27 months).

Conclusion: Fewer abstracts presented at SOAP result in a peer-reviewed publication than at comparable biomedical meetings. Possible explanations include differential resource and mentorship support for obstetric anesthesiologists or that academic motivations differ between our community and others. It is also possible that that manuscripts were published in non-indexed journals thus would not appear in our search. Investigating barriers to publication in our community may lead to wider dissemination of scientific knowledge and improvements in obstetric outcomes.

1 Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2007: MR000005

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