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Timing of unplanned cesarean delivery does not influence recovery room outcomes.

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Laurent A Bollag M.D.1 ; Aalap Shah MD2; Carlos Delgado MD3; Karen Meyerhof MD4; Emily Dinges MD5; Ruth Landau MD6

Timing of unplanned cesarean delivery does not influence recovery room outcomes.

L Bollag A Shah C Delgado K Meyerhof E Dinges R Landau


Cesarean deliveries (CD) performed at night have been associated with higher surgical duration and maternal morbidity (1). The effect of timing of unplanned CD on immediate post-partum outcomes, such as recovery time and analgesic intake has not been evaluated. We hypothesized, that night time CD is associated not only with longer surgical time, but also with longer recovery room stay, and higher pain scores.


Using the electronic medical records, we conducted a retrospective chart review of intrapartum CD with in situ epidural catheters between 10/2012 and 10/2014. This is a secondary analysis of a study evaluating the effect of epidural infusion timing on post operative outcomes (2). For the purposes if this analysis, day shift was defined as skin incision occurring between 6am and 6pm , and night shift case was defined as skin incision occurring between 6pm and 6am. Data was compared with the t-test, using the STATA software.


There were 1441 CD performed under epidural anesthesia during the study period, however complete data on recovery room outcomes was available only for 158 cases. There were no differences in any of the outcome measures: surgical and recovery room durations, pain scores (Table).

Table. Outcomes measures according to time


In this retrospective chart review of unplanned CD conducted with in situ epidurals placed for intrapartum labor analgesia, we identified that recovery room outcomes were independent of timing of CD . While we expected a difference, this may be in part explained by the night float call system involving both anesthesia and obstetricians, resulting in a consistent 24/7 practice. These results are reassuring, however further evaluation on larger cohorts, to extrapolate these findings to all women undergoing CD.

1. Peled Y, Melamed N, Chen R, Pardo J, Ben-Shitrit G, Yogev Y. The effect of time of day on outcome of unscheduled cesarean deliveries. J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med 2011;24:1051-4.

2. Shah A Nair B, Bollag L. Early Epidural Infusion Initiation and Post-Operative Pain Control in Patients Undergoing Elective Surgery: A Single Center Experience. ASA 2015 Abstract 2198

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