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Activation of Complement Factor B in Minority Pregnant Women with Preeclampsia

Abstract Number: S-03
Abstract Type: Original Research

Ivan Velickovic M.D.1 ; Ivan Velickovic M.D.2; Mudar Dalloul M.D.3; Karen Wong BS4; Roulhac d’Arby Toledano M.D., PhD5; Ming Zhang M.D., PhD6


Conflicting results have been reported regarding the role of activated factor B in preeclampsia. The active fragment of factor B of alternative complement pathway, Bb, was reported to be a predictor of preeclampsia in a cohort of pregnant women (65% whites, with 4.6% preeclampsia incidence).1,2 However, a conflicting report was published in a study of Caucasian pregnant women in Hungary.3 We hypothesized that the discrepancy may be due to the race/ethnic differences in those studies.

Methods: To further test our hypothesis that race/ethnic background contribute to the activation of factor B, we studied 225 minority pregnant women with high risk of preeclampsia (86% African Americans, with 10% preeclampsia incidence). We carried out Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) to study the plasma levels of activated factor B and compare the profiles between preeclampsia patients and women with normal pregnancy. We have found that maternal blood Bb levels, an activated fragment of factor B, were significantly higher in preeclampsia women than those of normal pregnancy (increased 32%, P=0.007).

Discussion: These results indicate that minority patients, particular African American patients with preeclampsia, have increased levels of activated complement factor B which may contribute to the pathogenesis of pre-eclampsia.


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2.Lynch AM, Murphy JR, Gibbs RS, Levine RJ, Giclas PC, Salmon JE, Holers VM. The interrelationship of complement-activation fragments and angiogenesis-related factors in early pregnancy and their association with pre-eclampsia. BJOG, 2010;117:456-62.

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