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Maternal Outcomes in Parturients Supplemented with a High Protein Drink in Labor

Abstract Number: T 11
Abstract Type: Original Research

Sukhdip Singh M.D.1 ; Benjamin T Cobb B.S.2; Fatoumata Kromah M.D.3; Gaurav Rajpal M.D.4; Patricia L Dalby M.D.5; Manuel C Vallejo M.D., D.M.D.6

Introduction: Because of a potential risk of aspiration, parturients who receive labor epidural analgesia are frequently subjected to restrictions in oral intake.1,2 These restrictions can be a leading cause of dissatisfaction, which can negatively impact the labor and delivery experience.2-4

Objective: To determine if high protein drink supplementation in labor decreases nausea and emesis and promotes patient satisfaction.

Methods: This prospective, controlled study randomized parturients into two groups post-epidural catheter placement. Group P received a high protein drink with ice chips/water PRN; Group C served as control and received only ice chips/water PRN (Study 1). Incidences of nausea and emesis were measured hourly until delivery, and at 1 hour post-delivery. Parturient satisfaction was measured the following day. A secondary aim used ultrasound (US) to evaluate the rate of gastric emptying (t½) in women who ingested a high protein drink or ice chips/water (Study 2).

Results: 150 patients were recruited (Study 1, Group P = 75; Group C= 75). There were no differences in the overall incidences of nausea (P = 0.38), emesis (P = 1.00) or in the incidences at the measured time periods (MANOVA, P > 0.05). Median patient satisfaction scores were higher in Group P than Group C (P = 0.03). 18 additional patients (Study 2, Group PG = 9; Group CG= 9) were analyzed to determine US gastric emptying t½ rates (PG: 25.56 ± 15.90 min [95% CI: 15.17 – 35.94] compared to CG: 20.00 ± 8.70 min [95% CI: 14.34 - 25.66], P =0.19).

Conclusion: In labor, patient satisfaction is improved with high protein drink supplementation compared to ice chips/water with comparable gastric emptying rates.


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