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Obstetric Anesthesia “Dashboard” –A novel method of clinical audit Enhancing Patient safety and Quality Assurance

Abstract Number: S 14
Abstract Type: Original Research

kousalya chakravarthy DGO, MD, Post Doctorate Fellow in Obstetric Anaesthesia 1 ; Dr.Sunil T Pandya MD, PDCC 2; Dr.Shanti Yellamanchi DA3; Dr. Sailaja Komma Reddy DA4; Dr. Vinay Kiran kota DA5


The Obstetric anesthesia dashboard is the visual presentation of patient data with color coding. We developed a unique “Anesthesia dashboard” to analyze the obstetric anesthesia related adverse events either for labor analgesia or operative procedures. The green color indicates the acceptable performance, orange - deviation from the acceptable, where as red alerts the anesthesiologist to introspect and review the performance, thus improving the peri operative outcome.


To develop an Obstetric anesthesia dashboard that

1. Provides effective audit of the cases done over an year on a monthly basis

2. Gives a quick access to the complications occurred and the insight to the effective management, improving maternal satisfaction

3. Gives an up- to- date information on the performance of the department


The audit was conducted prospectively on 6844 cases which included Labor Epidurals; Obstetric and Gynecological surgeries in patients admitted between Jan 2012 to Jan 2013 at Fernandez Hospital Hyderabad, INDIA, a tertiary care center for Obstetrics and Perinatology.


The criteria for the color coding are based on the standard literature review 1, 2, and 3.

The compilation of data in the Dashboard gave us an instant sight into the areas of improvement, enhancing our performance and effectively decreasing the complications. The inclusion of Academics, protocol adherence and feedback in the Dash Board helped to improve the resource utilization and reinforce the decision making on the clinical and administrative grounds. The illustration of dashboard is enclosed as an attachment*.


Anesthesia dashboard is a real-time actionable and efficient method of analyzing the perioperatve and procedural events. Besides providing ‘at a glance audit’, the visual indicators flagging problems and their consequences, helps timely introspection and corrective measures thus improving the standards of anesthesia care.Our dashboard reflects the overall performance of our department towards patient care and safety.


1. The Royal College of Anaesthetists - Raising the Standard: a compendium of audit recipes

2. Pain management for women in labour: Cochrane Reviews 2012, Issue 3

3. Some immediate serious complications of obstetric epidural analgesia and anaesthesia: a prospective study of 145 550 epidurals. J. G. Jenkins et al, IJOA 2005;14:37-42

* Datasheet populated with actual data will be presented

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