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Complement Factor B Activation in Preeclampsia Patients

Abstract Number: S-17
Abstract Type: Original Research

Ivan Velickovic M.D.1 ; Mudar Dalloul M.D.2; Amit Alam BS3; Giorgio Medranda BS4; Daniel Hanono M.D.5; Ming Zhang M.D.Ph.D.6

Objective: The active fragment of factor B of alternative complement pathway, Bb, was reported to be a predictor of preeclampsia in a cohort of pregnant women (65% whites, with 4.6% preeclampsia incidence). However, a conflicting report was published in a study of Caucasian pregnant women in Hungary. We hypothesized that the discrepancy may be due to the race/ethnic differences in those studies. To test our hypothesis, we studied early complement factors in a cohort of minority pregnant women with high risk of preeclampsia.

Methods: Eighty six pregnant women (72% African Americans, with 16% preeclampsia incidence) were enrolled in this study. Preeclampsia was diagnosed before delivery, during hospitalization. Competed sets blood samples were collected from maternal venous blood and fetal umbilical cord blood immediately after delivery. Plasma levels of 7 early factors in 3 complement pathways, including activated complement factor B fragment Bb, were quantified by ELISA and statistical significances between normal and preeclampsia groups were analyzed.

Result: Maternal blood Bb levels were significantly higher in preeclampsia women than those of normal pregnancy (increased 36%, P=0.036). Bb levels in the fetal cord blood of preeclampsia group were similar as those of normal group. Other early complement factors were present in similar levels in both maternal and fetal blood of preeclampsia and normal groups.

Conclusion: In a cohort of mostly African American pregnant women with high risk of preeclampsia, complement factor B is activated in maternal circulation of preeclampsia patients. The activation profile of complement factors may be dependent on the race/ethnic backgrounds.

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