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Anesthetic management during cesarean section for a patient with H1N1 on high frequency oscillatory ventilation (HFOV)

Abstract Number: 241
Abstract Type: Case Report/Case Series

Christopher Payne MD1 ; Amanda Deskins DO2; Mark Bennett MD3

H1N1 influenza virus poses many challenges to the provision of healthcare delivery to patients, especially the parturient who is at a higher risk for complications of the virus. We describe the anesthetic management of a patient who initially presented at 27 weeks pregnancy with respiratory compromise secondary to H1N1. The patients respiratory and oxygenation status escalated from conventional ventilatory support to Bivent and subsequently requiring high frequency oscillatory ventilation and nitric oxide therapy to achieve adequate pO2. At 28 2/7 weeks gestation, a cesarean delivery was suggested in an attempt to improve airway pressures and hemodynamics of the mother. Our discussion includes the pathophysiologic implications of HFOV, proper patient preparation before and during transport while on HFOV, special considerations of patient positioning and peri-operative anesthetic management.

SOAP 2010