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LiDCO pulse contour analysis elucidates the hemodynamics of cesarean delivery under general anesthesia: findings in five cases.

Abstract Number: 84
Abstract Type: Case Report/Case Series

Thomas L Archer MD, MBA1 ; Kelly Knape MD2

Pulse contour analysis allows the estimation and trending of systemic vascular resistance and cardiac output whenever an arterial line is in place. The technique involves no additional risk or invasion of the patient over that represented by the arterial line itself. The estimated, or "nominal", hemodynamic values are not exactly correct but the trending of these values is very helpful in elucidating the cause and guiding the therapy of both hypertension and hypotension. Five cases of cesarean delivery under general anesthesia (GA) are presented in which pulse contour analysis helped to guide the therapy of the parturient. Specifically, the following clinical conditions are demonstrated: Arteriolar vasoplegia with sepsis, low systemic vascular resistance with fever, extreme hypertension with induction in a pre-eclamptic patient with lupus, hypotension with oxytocin and the normal response to intubation and incision.

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