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Herbal Medication usage among patients attending for Assisted Reproduction procedures in Ireland

Abstract Number: 73
Abstract Type: Original Research

James M Shannon FCARCSI MSc1 ; Ismat El Saigh FCARCSI2; Ramzy Tadrous FCARCSI3; John Loughrey FCARCSI4; Edgar Mocanu FRCOG5

Background:Usage of herbal and complimentary medicines by patients presenting for procedures that require the use of anaesthetic agents is common. Aims To determine the prevalence of Herbal Medication usage among female patients attending for Assisted Reproduction procedures involving the use of sedative or hypnotic agents Methods: Questionnaire based survey carried out over a six-month period from January to July 2007. Results 46% of patients admitted regular use of herbal medications, with 38% of patients having taken herbal preparations in the three-month period prior to their attendance for treatment. No patient taking herbal preparations had discussed the use of these products with the attending Anaesthetist or Fertility Specialist prior to attending for the procedure. Conclusions: The usage of Herbal Medications with potential for serious adverse effects is high in this unique patient population. Education of both healthcare providers and patients is indicated

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