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The primary purpose of the SOAP Endowment Fund (formerly OAPEF) is to create funding for educational endeavors in obstetric anesthesia.

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Patient Safety
Patient Safety Alert -
Look-alike Medications
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SOAP Spring, 2016-17 Newsletter SOAP Newsletter
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The Council on Patient Safety in Women’s Health Care Releases Maternal Venous Thromboembolism Bundle


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Patient Safety Alert - Look-alike Medications

The SOAP Patient Safety Committee has assembled this list of look-alike medications. For more patient safety information, please visit:

Fentanyl & Protamine
Metoclopramide & Oxytocin
Epinephrine & Glycopyrrolate
Ondansetron, Metoclopramide & Oxytocin
Ondansetron & Oxytocin
Midazolam & Ondansetron
Ondansetron & Vasopressin
Vasopressin, Ondansetron & Mehthylergonovine
Verapamil & Glycopyrrolate
Ketorolac & Diphenhydramine
Oxytocin & Metoclopramide
Furosemide & Midazolam