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The primary purpose of the SOAP Endowment Fund (formerly OAPEF) is to create funding for educational endeavors in obstetric anesthesia.

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Announcement of the 2017 SOAP/Gertie Marx
Education and Research Grant Applications


The Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology (SOAP) is pleased to announce that it is seeking applications for the 2017 SOAP/Gertie Marx Education and Research Grant. The application deadline is Monday, October 3, 2016 with expected funding of the grant in January 2017.  

The goal of this program is to provide initial funding for projects and investigators with the intention that the results of these projects will form the basis of subsequent grant applications to other society, foundation (e.g., IARS, FAER) or federal sources.  This award is not intended to supplement ongoing projects or to provide additional funding to partially funded projects. 

The SOAP/Gertie Marx grant will provide a maximum of $100,000 over two years (i.e., usually ~$50,000 per year, although the distribution of funding for each year may vary) to support research in obstetric anesthesia or a closely related area.  Fundable projects may include research in basic physiology, clinical practice, or teaching/training methods. Funding requests will be considered in any amount up to $100,000.  

A. Guidelines for Applications

This award is intended for initiating research in the early stages of an investigator’s career.  In general, applicants should be at the Fellow, Instructor or Assistant Professor level, and such applicants will be favored, although more senior applicants may apply.  For more senior applicants, the proposal should involve a change in research direction to an area for which that individual has not been funded previously, with the expectation that the applicant will ultimately obtain sustained independent funding. Specific requirements are:

  1. The applicant must be a member of SOAP and must have a research mentor (unless the applicant is at the rank of Associate Professor or above).
  1. The subject of the research may include any area related to obstetric anesthesia including basic physiology, clinical practice, or teaching, training, or evaluation methods.
  1. The research must be conducted in North America.
  1. Funding requests will be considered in any amount up to a maximum of $100,000.
  1. The Society is aware that this amount of funding is not sufficient for indirect expenses that are usually available through the applicant’s institution such as the purchase of computer hardware, major equipment and laboratory facilities. The Methods section of the grant application must verify that if such equipment or environment is necessary to the conduct of the research it is available to the applicant through other sources.
  1. All applications must be accompanied by a letter from the applicant’s Department Chair or Chair’s designee, certifying:
    1. Departmental support of the proposed research project
    2. The amount of protected research time that will be allocated to the Principal Investigator. In general, this should be at least 20% time for research for grants under $25,000 per year, or 40% research time for awards over $25,000 per year, but the nature of the proposed project may affect the time allocated.
    3. Departmental or institutional financial support for the research proposed
  1. Applicants at the Fellow, Instructor or Assistant Professor level must have a letter from a research mentor or supervisor, indicating the specific role the applicant and mentor will play in the conduct of the project.  Applicants with higher academic ranks may include such letters of support and collaboration.
  1. The recipient of the grant must make an annual written report to the SOAP Board of Directors, including a list of expenditures, on March 1 of the year following receipt of the grant (14 months following the January award), with a final report by March 1 of the following year. This report should include citation of all abstracts and publications in press or to be published produced with grant funds. Publications related to this grant after this second report should be reported to the SOAP Board of Directors.
  1. Any publications resulting from this funding should contain the statement that such work was “funded by a Gertie Marx Grant from the Society for Obstetric Anesthesia and Perinatology.”
  1. The applicant should submit work resulting from this grant for consideration for presentation at an annual SOAP meeting.

B. Application Format

All documents should be in 12 point font (Arial or Times Roman preferred), Microsoft Word format, with at least 0.75 inch margins (tables or figures may be in any appropriate font and size)

  1. A letter from the Chair of the department confirming the availability of time and facilities for the project must accompany each application.
  2. Budget
    • A maximum of $100,000.00 is available over 2 years
    • The award is made to the Principal Investigator
    • Funds may be used for any reasonable purpose related to the accomplishment of the proposed project (exceptions listed in section 2d below).  These may include:
      • Clinical or technical/lab support staff salaries
      • Pharmacy fees, other clinical expenses
      • Supplies
      • Minor equipment and devices
      • Computer software directly related to the project ($2000 maximum)
      • Consultant fees ($2000 maximum)
    • Funds may NOT be used for:
      • Institutional indirect costs
      • Salary support for the investigator
      • Travel
      • Secretarial or clerical support staff
      • Computer hardware
  1. Curriculum Vitae of the applicant (Principal Investigator) should be included with a listing of any past or present research support and all publications.  This CV should consist of no more than 4 pages.
  1. Research Plan (should include the following components)
    • Introduction/Specific Aims (up to 1 page)
    • Background/Significance (up to 5 pages):  A review of the scientific and/or clinical background that makes this project worthwhile and possible to perform, including a reasonably thorough literature review to justify the importance of the problem being addressed and the methods chosen to address it. Preliminary data from the investigator or collaborators/mentors may be included but is not specifically required. A description of how completion of this project will lead to further studies/funding must also be included.
    • Methods/Procedures (up to 4 pages): This should include laboratory or clinical methods and procedures, a power analysis and statistical methods section, and a discussion of the possible problems that may be encountered and plans to deal with them
    • IRB approval: The status of IRB or Animal Use Committee approval must be stated. Approval of the appropriate committees will be necessary before funds are awarded, but are NOT necessary at the time of grant submission.  The investigator is strongly urged to make IRB or other ethics committee application at or before the time of grant submission. When approval is obtained, documentation of the approval should be forwarded to SOAP.
    • Long-term Objectives (up to 1 page):  The candidate should include specific plans for ongoing research and application of research findings.  Moreover, the candidate should include an explanation of how the award will be used to increase the candidate’s future ability to obtain independent funding from other sources. 
  1. References: No more than 30 references may be included.
  1. If a research mentor or supervisor is required (Fellow, Instructor or Assistant Professor level), a mentor’s statement of interest and abbreviated curriculum vitae (no more than 10 pages) must be provided.  This statement must include: 
    • Verification that the candidate has discussed and outlined a research plan for the completion of defined project(s) with the mentor.
    • Verification that the candidate’s project is relevant to the current expertise and resources of the mentor.  These may include any necessary laboratory space, equipment, and other resources.
    • Verification that the mentor has successfully served in the capacity of a mentor to other physician-scientist trainees.
  1. Letters of Support:  Letters of support from three persons who are familiar with the candidate’s qualifications, which can include the selected mentor, should be submitted directly to SOAP.  The letters should include any past experience with the candidate’s ability to pursue and complete projects (if applicable), and the perceived ability of the candidate to mentor other investigators in the future. 
  1. Statements of Collaboration (optional):  If the research project involves collaboration with other investigators, a one-page statement and abbreviated curriculum vitae (no more than 10 pages) for the collaborator should be provided. 
  1. If the work will be laboratory or translational in orientation, a brief description of the laboratory space, equipment, and other resources for research that will be available for the completion of the proposed project must be provided. 

10. Name and contact information of the Institutional Official empowered to receive grant funds.

C. Terms

  1. Funds will be disbursed on a yearly basis. 

D. Submissions

The application and accompanying letters and other supporting materials should be submitted electronically.

  • Complete the Grant Application Form and all supporting documents in one compressed zip file.
  • Upload the file to email address:
  • Deadline for submissions: October 3, 2016.
  • 2017 Gertie Marx Grant Application Co-Chairs: Joy Hawkins, M.D. and Richard Smiley, M.D., Ph.D.
  • For more information contact the SOAP Headquarters at (414) 389-8611, 6737 W. Washington St., Suite 4210, Milwaukee, WI 53214,