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OB/GYN Education

NPO Guidelines and Gastric Emptying in Pregnancy

Authors: Ami Y Attali, DO; Fatoumata Kromah, MD; and Kristin Brennan, MD

Summary: This module covers the risks and benefits of oral intake during labor and delivery. Learn to identify the type and timing of oral intake that his appropriate in the pregnant population and predict those patients at greatest risk of complications.

NPO Guidelines Gastric Emptying In Pregnancy (PDF)

Neuraxial Anesthesia

Authors: Barbara Orlando, MD; Bryan Mahoney, MD; and Jake Coffman, MD

Summary: This module reviews different types of neuraxial anesthesia (epidural, combined spinal-epidural, dural puncture epidural, and spinal) along with the risks, benefits, and contraindications of each technique. Additionally, commonly used medications in neuraxial anesthesia are discussed.

Neuraxial Anesthesia Epidural VS Spinal VS CSE, Risks Benefits Contraindications (PDF)

General Anesthesia For Cesarean Delivery

Authors: Richard N. Wissler, MD, PhD; Lydia S. Grondin, MD; and Sonal N. Zambare, MD

Summary: This module reviews the indications and risks of general anesthesia during cesarean delivery along with airway, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, and central nervous system changes in pregnancy. Commonly used medications in general anesthesia are also reviewed as well as implications for breastfeeding.

General Anesthesia For Cesarean Delivery (PDF)

Postpartum Hemorrhage

Authors: Sara M. Seifert, MD; Barbara Orlando, MD; Chih King, MD, PhD; and Edward McGonigal, MD

Summary: This module covers general principles of management during a postpartum hemorrhage, including massive transfusion, medications used during hemorrhage, intravascular and arterial access, and viscoelastic coagulation testing.

Postpartum Hemorrhage (PDF)

Cardiac Disease In Pregnancy

Authors: Onyi Onuoha, MD, MPH; Kristin Brennan, MD; Patricia Dalby, MD; and David Berman, MD

Summary: This module discusses congenital cardiac disease, valvular cardiac disease, pulmonary hypertension, conduction abnormalities, and implanted electrical devices in pregnancy. Additionally, considerations for specialized equipment, personnel, and delivery location are discussed.

Cardiac Disease In Pregnancy (PDF)

On Clotting and Not Clotting

Pharmacology of Local Anesthetics

Anesthesiologists Role in Critical OB Situations and Maternal Care

Post Dural Puncture and Other Types of Headaches in Pregnancy